Aims and Objectives

The aim and objective if the Association shall be:

  1. To promote the feeling on unity, fraternity and solidarity among the members of the Association
  2. To secure for them fair conditions of life and work, uniformity in the scales of pay such other benefits, rights and privileges as are given to College and University teachers in other States of India and abroad.
  3. To Strive for a meaningful system of education with democratic and socially relevant content.
  4. To establish and maintain good academic standards in higher education and to work for constant improvements in the Curriculum of studies and Examination systems.
  5. To work for the advancement of the aims of University Education such as teaching, research and building up to character.
  6. To study education problems with special reference to Universities and Colleges in India and create a healthy public opinion in favour of a well planned University education
  7. To participate progressively in the creation of a just society and contribute our mite for the socio-economic growth of the nation.
  8. To further national solidarity and promote international understanding.
  9. To work for the creation of academic and intellectual leadership of the nation.
  10. To associate and interact with other fraternal trade union organizations both in India and abroad.
  11. To publish a Newsletter and /or a journal dealing with the activities of the association and other matters of educational interest.
  12. To do all that may assist in, conduce to or be necessary for the fulfilment of the above objects and in the interest of the Association and its members.